Press Passes

A limited number of press passes are available for EXPODFW Conference. We offer press passes to qualified professional journalists and analysts as a service to the industry and consumers, to add value for exhibitors and sponsors, and to help promote the event.

Press passes at NDIA Lone Star Chapter Aerospace Defense Industry Manufacturing Conference provide access to:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • General Sessions
  • Receptions and Parties
  • Special Functions
  • Event Meals (when provided to paid attendees)

We reserve the right to close some portions of an event to the press, without notice.

We give priority to proposals from journalists who:

  1. Work for mainstream and online media outlets capable of reaching large or influential audiences.
  2. Have a track record of insightful coverage in areas related to digital marketing.
  3. Have a specific commission for coverage of the conference (and not just of speakers or others attending).

Press Credentials

A Press Pass is a complimentary admission to the convention that includes the right to attend the convention (typically for a limited time). Press Passes are given to working press staff (see below) to allow them to access and move around the conference site. Press Passes do not include any NDIA Lone Star Chapter Aerospace Defense Industry Manufacturing Conference membership rights. Anyone qualifying for a Press Pass automatically gets Press Credentials.

All members of the press are welcome to make use of the press services described above. The only distinction of a Press Pass is the complimentary admission.

Press Pass Eligibility

Press Passes are available solely for working press staff – defined as individuals employed by recognized media outlets such as television and radio stations, newspapers, and other forms of news coverage, who are on assignment from those outlets and who would not otherwise be attending the convention if their jobs did not require it. Working press staff includes immediate supporting and technical staff such as producers, photographers, camera operators, and sound personnel.

Press Pass Revocation

Individuals who attend NDIA Lone Star Chapter Aerospace Defense Industry Manufacturing Conference Conference with a press pass, but then attempt to market products or services to event attendees or exhibitors, will be asked to surrender their event badge and leave the event, and will be barred from attending future events as press.

Privacy, Photography, and Electronic Recording

These rules (based on our general Code of Conduct) apply to all NDIA Lone Star Chapter Aerospace Defense Industry Manufacturing Conference attendees as well as members of the professional press.

  • NDIA Lone Star Chapter Aerospace Defense Industry Manufacturing Conference attendees should be aware that photographs, video, and audio recordings occur during the convention, and that their likenesses may appear in these recordings. Attendees and members agree to assign without compensation the use of their likenesses for the use of promotion material.
  • Members should be polite and ask before taking photographs or recordings of members and attendees whenever possible. Photography and audio/video recordings for personal archival use is generally acceptable, unless an individual makes it clear that they do not wish to be photographed or recorded, in which case it becomes expressly forbidden.
  • The usage of photographic or recording devices is prohibited in certain areas of the conference. Where allowed, please take photographs before or after a session or event to avoid distracting speakers and audience members.
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